My Paintings

Portraiture has always held a special place in my heart. Here are some of my paintings…

This painting is of someone I’ve come to know well over the years and see as a good friend of mine. He has always showed a great interest in my art, and encouraged me all throughout my schooling. So, I decided to make this piece as a “thank you” to him.

For this piece, my process involved first sketching out the image in pencil onto the canvas.  Once I was happy with its likeness, I moved on to a thin underpainting using extremely watered-down acrylic. Then I just kept adding layers of paint and building up the pigments and values until I was satisfied.

In creating this painting, I learned a lot about composition and lighting (specifically coloured lighting). I really enjoyed making this piece – especially since it had so much significance to me.

Olga” 2020, Acrylic on Canvas [8″x10″]