Personal Work

Here’s the stuff I make for myself on my own time just for fun…

My Nail-polish Paintings

These are some of my nail polish paintings. Naturally I try to never waste anything. This often leads me to finding new, interesting, and creative ways of repurposing things – including old clumpy nail polish. The only issue with this medium is that I’m limited with my colour palate. Thus, I’m always faced with the struggle of having to find an image I can recreate using the colours I have available to me prior to starting. In doing so, these paintings have taught me a lot about pre-planning, texture, and colour theory.

The process begins with me first developing a colour palate from my collection of old nail polishes. Then I find an image that fits my colours, and I start drawing. From there, I just apply thick coats of nail polish until I reach my desired look – and just like that, it’s done!

Some Other Stuff I Made

Wisdom Teeth Extraction” 2018, Acrylic on Wooden 2×4 [4″x6.5″]
“Watercolour Tears” 2016, Watercolour on Paper [9″x11.5″]

Keith Richards (unfinished study)” 2019, Pencil on Paper [8”x6”]

This was a fun little study that I did in my past time. I was heavily inspired by all the wrinkles and veins in this photo. Also, there was just something about the look in his eyes that captivated me.

My only process in creating this piece was direct observation. I practice it as much as I can on a regular basis. I find that’s the only way to learn and improve. In this drawing, I really understood the importance of (relative) value in terms of skin rendering – as well as how to better depict the signs of aging.